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Self Awareness & Leadership


Objective: “We’ve become increasingly suspicious of a world dominated by the mere role player … In Western societies, at least, there is a deepening disenchantment with the able role player or, worse still, the skilled apparatchik – of the political or corporate kind. We are increasingly suspicious that we are being “worked”. The search for authenticity is ever more pressing”
Gareth Jones & Rob Goffee, ‘Why should anyone be led by you?’

Once we get to a stage in our careers where we make the transition from management to Leadership, what are the things we need to be aware of about our leadership style and ourselves? This workshop will enable programme participants to understand their strengths and build upon them by acknowledging weaknesses.

Prerequisites: For anyone with Leadership responsibilities and direct reports.

Course Content

  • Improve the quality of your interactions
  • Understand the meaning of ‘followership’ and how to develop it
  • Become aware of your leadership style
  • Gain an understanding and the ability to use your own authenticity

Duration: 1 day
Pre-course work: on-line MBTI Step II questionnaire
Facilitators: 2