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Book Review

Under Pressure: Understanding and Managing the Pressure and Stress of Work

Denis Sartain & Maria Katsarou

Sartain and Katsarou share their evidently vast experience of stressors in the world of work. True to its title, the book is clearly laid out into two parts, the first covering causes of stress and how to recognise it, whilst the second thankfully aims to provide answers to the ‘so what?’ question.

It is good that whilst the book outlines key areas of stress ‘at work’, it nevertheless refers to the potential impact of life events too. It is also useful, particularly for the non-psychologist readers, that the authors draw attention to the effects of different personality types. The MBTI is used for this, which although insightful, is presented in a manner that allows readers to determine their own type – without practitioner input. This could be seen as a weakness by some.

The ‘managing stress’ section provides useful guidance and questions to ask oneself, but without going into depth, which may leave the less aware person wanting. The book is a useful reference checklist, a roadmap to follow – but potentially not alone.

Marshall Cavendish Business; 2011; Pb £9.99

Reviewed by Frieda De Ley, who is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist and Performance Coach, owner of FDL – For Developing Leaders

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