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Coaching Essentials (Book Extract)

This article (in pdf format) includes extracts from the advance proof copy of ‘Coaching Essentials’ – an in-depth, comprehensive guide to the best techniques used by professional coaches as well as managers and leaders at all levels. The book is written by Patricia Bossons, Jeremy Kourdi and Denis Sartain.

Coaching Essentials answers several vital questions for anyone wishing to develop their success as a coach:

  • What are the most popular and effective coaching techniques?
  • How and when do they work – and how can they work for you?
  • What are the typical and most difficult challenges faced by executive coaches, and what is the way to ensure success?
  • How can you stimulate people’s thinking and help them develop new perspectives?
  • What techniques separate a great coach from all the rest?

Coaching Essentials provides a stimulating, practical guide to a wealth of tools and techniques. Each idea is credible and proven to work, providing an essential, one-stop source of practical coaching techniques. Also, each technique is described in a clear, easy-to-use format, enabling readers to match situations, issues or priorities with specific coaching techniques.

Under Pressure (Book Description)

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Written in 2010 by Denis Sartain & Maria Katsarou, “Under Pressure” is set to become an international best seller on a subject that affects everybody’s lives-workplace stress.

“Everyone needs a certain level of pressure in order to achieve things at work. But when we go beyond pressure, we start to experience stress which is negative, counter-productive and potentially disastrous. Yet stress, especially at work, is a subject that is often ignored because to recognize it can be interpreted as a sign of weakness. This book looks at the challenges facing people in today s fast-moving world where the issues encountered by people at all levels in organisations are unprecedented. It provides practical techniques to help people cope with a much misunderstood but potentially devastating and naturally occurring state: stress. It gives readers a clear understanding of one the most difficult subjects to define and ways to deal with a topic that is usually only recognized when the results are dramatic and potentially damaging”