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Managing Teams Effectively

Objective: What makes the difference between an effective or non-effective team? The way they are managed is one of the differentiators. Often, the processes we use or the way in which we think and articulate are seen as ‘personality’ traits and what some people may see as likeable behaviour, others may not.

This workshop will enable you to notice how some behaviours produce desired results whilst others less so and give you a choice to produce the responses you want when you want them. Effective teams have shared values, dysfunctional teams do not. This workshop provides ways to make your team more effective.

Course Content

  • Provide Tools and Techniques to Build and Develop a Team
  • Enhance your Ability to Lead and Manage a Team of People
  • Understand the different Types of Teams and the implication for Teamwork
  • Build Awareness of What Builds and Effective Team
  • Provide Tools to enhance Team Performance – shared values

Duration: 2 days
Pre-course work: on-line MBTI questionnaire, on-line questionnaire, MBTI of Direct Reports
Facilitators: 2