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High Level Leadership Workshop and Leading in the 21st Century

Objective: “It’s time to end the myth of the complete leader: the flawless person at the top who’s got it all figured out…”
-Ancona, Malone, Orlikowski, Senge, In Praise of the Incomplete Leader,
Harvard Business Review Feb 2007

This two-day workshop is designed to enable you to work with others in leadership roles in a safe and confidential environment. We address critical issues such as what constitutes effective leadership in a world where we sit precariously on the edge of our children’s and our children’s children’s futures. What does the effective leadership profile look like now, when the scientific consensus is one that states we need immediate restraint to safeguard our futures? Will leadership practises that brought us to this point still work in the current environment?

Course Content

  • Leading into an uncertain future – what does it mean to you and your leadership?
  • How will your leadership be viewed by future generations?
  • Understand your strengths and identify your weaknesses in the light of a new global imperative
  • Be clearer about your strategy for leading others to change with urgency
  • Creating the new ‘social compact’
  • This is not a ‘TRAINING’ course but a high level, anonymously based challenge for leaders.


Duration: 2 days
Pre-course work: Please contact us for details
Facilitators: 2