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From Managing Self to Managering Others

Objective:┬áThe transition from being mainly concerned with one’s personal performance to managing others is often the most challenging but potentially rewarding, however this time can often be the most difficult to master without a mindset shift. This shift includes being able to recognise that the skills that made you famous, may be those you now need less and less. This workshop is designed to enable those about to become or already are, managers of others.

Course Content

  • Gain an insight on the different mindset as you move from Managing Self to Managing Others
  • Understand your personal profile
  • Enhance your Ability to Lead and Manage Others
  • Gain an insight on how to Effectively Build and Develop Teams Work

Duration: 2 days
Pre-course work: on-line MBTI questionnaire, prepare and bring with real life case studies
Prerequisite: Managing Self Workshop
Facilitators: 2